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'Joyful Daisies' candy centerpiece

Candy Bouquets

Learn how to craft beautiful "bouquets" using candy!
Create unique centerpieces for weddings, showers and parties!
Make a lovely edible bouquet for the bride to toss!
Amaze your family and friends!
Sell your creations for profit!
No franchise fees required!
Free sample lessons!
Inexpensive instruction book available if you want to do more!   Especially helpful if you want to start a candy bouquet business.   Includes bonuses and guarantee!
Have fun!

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This plan will allow you to raise $1,000 - $5,000 Free & Clear within 30 days; no matter who you are, or where you live ... BUT ... IT TAKES WORK. - You will be trading "sweat" for cold-hard-CASH.

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From business legend J.F.(Jim) Straw:

" How To Get Filthy Rich

How can you 'sell' something if you don't own (buy) it first?? -- What could be better than 'controlling' a Real Estate empire WITHOUT BUYING ANY REAL ESTATE?

About this, Frank Kern (Macon, GA) wrote to tell me ...